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WCPSS Blog Support

Edublogs has been purchased as part of a Web 2.0 Toolkit for the purpose of creating blogs.

  • Completion of the CyberSense Online Training Course is recommended prior to the creation of any blogs.
  • Visit http://cybersense.wcpss.net for more information on this training course.

Blogs Overview

  • Each blog administrator controls who has access to view, edit and/or comment in a blog.
  • It is the blog administrator’s responsibility to comply with all board policies and procedures.
  • View blog related board policies:
    • 2313/3013/4013 and related R & P: Employee Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources
    • 6446 and related R & P: Student Acceptable Use of Electronic Resource

Blogs and Student Use

NOTE: If students will be users in your blog, Board Policy 2313 requires a signed Student Name and Photograph/Video Privacy Release form (PDF - 57k) under the following conditions:

  • Blog name, title or tagline contains identifiable information such as School name, teacher name, student name, grade or class.
  • Student first or last names are used.

Blog Support

Best Practices and Curriculum Integration Information

If you are interested in best practices or ways to integrate the use of blogs into your instructional program, please contact the Instructional Technology team in the Academics department.

Last Updated: June 5, 2013